5 Unconventional Ways To Get Ahead At Work

Mar 4, 2013 | Articles

5 Unconventional Ways To Get Ahead At Work
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Everyone gets to a point in life when they feel they’ve reached a plateau in their career. It’s normal to feel frustrated by the fact that you’re stuck in a rut at work. By now, you’ve most likely exhausted all your options for getting ahead in the workplace. You’re the first one at the office in the mornings and you’re always the last to leave. You might even come in on Saturday to try and show your boss just how dedicated you are. It’s all been done before and simply putting in the extra hours is no longer enough to catch the attention of that senior manager you’ve been wanting to impress. It may be cliche to tell you to think outside the box, but we’ve put together 7 unconventional ways to get ahead at work and to have a more fulfilling job.

1. Take control of your own career

A common mistake in the workplace is waiting for your manager to assign you work. If you want to get ahead, you need to take control of your own career because career and self development is your personal responsibility. Be proactive, not reactive. Take initiative to complete tasks and fight for projects that involving doing things that you want to be doing.

2. Become a mentor for someone else

Taking the time to mentor a junior co-worker is a great way to show others that you are ready for advancement. It shows initiative and allows people to see that you are prepared to take on a role that calls for strong people management and leadership.

3. Don’t be afraid to brag

Did a client compliment your work on a specific project? Make sure you reap the rewards of your efforts. Don’t be afraid to brag every now and then to your boss about milestones and achievements that you think are worthy of recognition. Shoot your boss a quick e-mail letting them know the client is happy due to your work.

4. Don’t just think, but do outside the box

Make it a habit to do things outside your job description. If you stay within the confines of what you were hired to do, no matter how good you are at your job, it doesn’t give upper management a reason to promote you. They would much rather keep you at your current post. If you take the initiative to do things outside the box, by taking unconventional approaches to completing work and going above and beyond what is expected of you, it will be much easier for you to gain recognition from your boss. By determining versatility in your work abilities, you will open yourself to a whole new range of career advancement opportunities.

5. Have fun at work

Work shouldn’t just be about work. Become a part of the corporate culture. Let your company know that you are happy to be where you are. Put on a smile when you’re in the office so your boss doesn’t know that you want to kick their ass.