Motivational Interview: Building a Home Gym (Video)

Mar 15, 2013 | Articles, Health & Fitness

Muscle Factory
Motivational Interview: Building a Home Gym (Video)
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This week we did something special and got our video team to interview Mike Lam, the creator of the Muscle Factory.

The gym is about building a community of people who are committed to improving their lives, regardless of their culture, financial status, age, physical health, or other unique circumstances.  The ideas shared within the Muscle Factory give rise to new thoughts, desires, and outlooks on all aspects of life. By using both low-tech, homemade equipment and state of the art weight training equipment, the Muscle Factory aims to prove that there are no limitations to what the human mind and body can achieve. Regardless of whether you are working out in a commercial gym, or by yourself in your living room, you can reach achieve the results you have always wanted.

Want to know how to build your own equipment at a much cheaper cost?  Be sure to Like the Muscle Factory on Facebook as Mike will be glad to answer your questions!