16 Inspirational Quotes by Michael Dell, Entrepreneur and Founder of DELL

Mar 3, 2014 | Articles

Dell Inc. CEO Michael Dell gives keynote address at Oracle Open World in San Francisco
16 Inspirational Quotes by Michael Dell, Entrepreneur and Founder of DELL
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Michael Dell began his business career as a pre-med student at the University of Texas. Due to his early fascination with technology, he ran a small business in his dorm room, putting together and selling upgrade kits for personal computers. He then proceeded to drop out of university and pursue his passion for computers full time.

He took a gamble with the notion of selling computers directly to end users, therefore eliminating the increase in costs that come from selling through traditional retail channels. Then in 1996, Dell began selling computers directly online. This ingenious idea exploded creating a daily revenue stream of a whopping $1-million.

Today, Michael Dell is a business man, investor, author and philanthropist with a net worth of over $15-billion.

Here are 16 quotes by Michael Dell to help you find a little inspiration in your career:

1. “Don’t spend so much time trying to choose the perfect opportunity, that you miss the right opportunity.”

2. “Our business is about technology, yes. But it’s also about operations and customer relationships.”

3. “Recognize that there will be failures, and acknowledge that there will be obstacles. But you will learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others, for there is very little learning in success.

4. “If you’re happy, that’s probably the most important thing. Everyone probably has their own definition of success, for me it’s happiness. Do I enjoy what I’m doing? Do I enjoy the people I’m with? Do I enjoy my life?”

5. “It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we’ve always mapped our path at Dell. There’s always an opportunity to make a difference.”

6. “One of the things I benefited from when I started this business was that I didn’t know anything. I was just instinct with no preconceived notions. This enabled me to learn and change quickly without having to worry about maintaining any kind of status quo, like some of my bigger competitors.”

7. “Whether you’ve found your calling, or if you’re still searching, passion should be the fire that drives your life’s work.”

8. “We have enormous potential to keep growing. It provides lots of learning opportunity for me and it’s fun to see how so many people, so many communities are affected in a positive way by what we’re doing here. I love my job and I’m not giving it up.”

9. “Try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if you are, I suggest you invite smarter people … or find a different room.”

10. “We are all gifts to each other, and my own growth as a leader has shown me again and again that the most rewarding experiences come from my relationships.”

11. “There are a lot of things that go into creating success. I don’t like to do just the things I like to do. I like to do things that cause the company to succeed. I don’t spend a lot of time doing my favorite activities.”

12. “The key is to listen to your heart and let it carry you in the direction of your dreams. I’ve learned that it’s possible to set your sights high and achieve your dreams and do it with integrity, character, and love. And each day that you’re moving toward your dreams without compromising who you are you’re winning.”

13. “You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream.”

14. “Sometimes you just have to belly up to the bar and take a chance. We made some mistakes, but we also had the strength to work our way out.”

15. “Well, we started the company by building to the customer’s order. And interestingly enough, we didn’t do it because we saw some massive paradigm in the future. Basically, we just didn’t have any capital to mass-produce.”

16. “I was, you know, rebellious–an 18, 19-year-old and just did what I wanted to do and all worked out OK.”




  • David Conner

    What about his quote regarding Apple in 1997: “What would I do? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders,” Apple market cap: $659 billion. Dell market cap: not so much.

    • Juman

      Jobs is dead. Dell is alive and kicking. Get over it it chump